Obamacare Debacle

All you who think that the Supreme Court did the right thing by upholding Obamacare are insane. Congress now can tax the people for NOT doing as they are told. Buy health care or else get TAXED. Drive a Chevy Volt or else get TAXED. Soon it will be like 1984... With the government interfering in every aspect of our lives. Obamacare just mandates that every American buy healthcare insurance. It puts no limit on what healthcare companies can charge for the premiums. Its exactly like what happened when the electric companies in California were deregulated. Prices spiked while supplies magically dried up. The same will happen with healthcare, prices will skyrocket. All you out there who think Obamacare means free healthcare, you are mistaken.


they were gnna do. Not only is it the same old government dirty trikcs they have taken it to an all new level. Worse than that they have increased class and race warfare with their rhetoric. Lets tax milionaires and billionaires more. Not like they are the ones who own the corporations that peut people to work. I guess all the big businesses out there are owned by those folks making $50k a year. You kow those dirty rich people that vacation on Marthas Vineyard every year, oh that can't be where rich people vacation because that is where the communist in chief is vacationing with his family right now. Again on vacation. While the middle class is struggling to pay their mortgage and put food on the table, but that's ok cause Obama has a new jobs bill he is gonna propose after vacation. Hope it works better than the last time when they said we have to pass this in order to keep unemployment from reaching 8%. We saw how well that worked out now didn't we?See how I did that? Went from Obamacare and turned it into unemployment. The only thing I didn't do was blame George Bush, the Japan Tsunami and an Arab Spring on how poorly the presidents record has been so far. But as long has he has time to spend with his family, recharge, improve his golf game and of course continue to campaign and hold fund raisers, I guess it is all ok. And yes I know the economy was bad when Obama took office thanks to George Bush and a DEMOCRAT held House and Senate, but under Obama and DEMOCRAT held house and Senate they have managed to set us on a path that we may never recover from as a Nation. Perry 2012

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