Let's not hate the rich for succeeding

We all would love to be rich. This talk about taxing the wealthy 50% or more on income is insanity. Why should we, as a people, punish those who do well. It's not as if the wealthy started that way. Sure there are some families which one is born into money. Where did that money come from initially, it came from a hard work and taking opportunities when they presented themselves. Just because a person or family has money doesn't mean the government could or should be able to get their hands on it. The government cannot see the forest for the trees. Instead of going after individuals, who are fortunate enough, to earn more then an average wage. Let's instead take a little bit, from a lot. Meaning a flat 15% tax on individual tax payers. Not only will the government earn more, it would be fairer system.

Obamacare Debacle

All you who think that the Supreme Court did the right thing by upholding Obamacare are insane. Congress now can tax the people for NOT doing as they are told. Buy health care or else get TAXED. Drive a Chevy Volt or else get TAXED. Soon it will be like 1984... With the government interfering in every aspect of our lives. Obamacare just mandates that every American buy healthcare insurance. It puts no limit on what healthcare companies can charge for the premiums. Its exactly like what happened when the electric companies in California were deregulated. Prices spiked while supplies magically dried up. The same will happen with healthcare, prices will skyrocket. All you out there who think Obamacare means free healthcare, you are mistaken.

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Unemployment Rate

Obama's had 4 years to try to fix the mess left by W. the only thing he's managed to do is get unemployment above 9% and keep it there for most of his tenure. Check out this link to see the historical data for unemployment in the US. Even under W's 8 years, unemployment was never as high as now.

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Congressional Votes

Congressional votes should be secret until the vote, on a measure, is over. That way the Congressmen would be forced to vote their conscience instead of trying to make deals that would promote their own political agenda. As with this vote on the debt ceiling, the one jackass congressman that said he waited until the last second to cast his vote because he was waiting to see if it would pass without him. So he voted "no" because it passed without his "yes". Otherwise he would have voted "yes". It's because of jerks like him that congressional votes should be kept secret until the vote is over.

Who created my logo?

A very good friend of mine, an amazing artist and entertainer.
Steve Chavez, http://www.imsteve.com
He's just all around an amazing guy!

Why should I vote for you?

People typically vote for one of two reasons:
1. They want to be on the side that wins. OR
2. To block the other person from winning.

I beleve in the last Presidential election Obama received a lot of votes not from people who knew anything about him... But were so fed up with Republicans that they wanted anybody but a Republican in office. Hence he got a lot of the second kind of vote.

I'm very surprised that Obama would even consider running again. As terrible a President as he is... It just goes to show that he doesn't love this country, he just enjoys the power being President has. If I had set this country on such a FUBAR course you wouldn't be seeing my name as a candidate again.

You should vote for me if you want a real choice instead of trying to pick the lesser of two evils. Someone who knows when he should step aside or step up. (Roll in this case). A person who may have to take "it" sitting down
but will never be a doormat.

I am running because I love this country, I do not want power. I firmly believe that the only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Who would you like as a running mate?

Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice. I respect these two individuals, I believe they have high moral fiber and they are both inteligent, rational people. I'd be honored to have either one of them on the ticket with me.

How would you promote energy independence?

Open up all US land to oil drilling. Have an executive order that all oil produced from the US must stay in the US, until our needs are met, any surplusses can be sold on the open market. Place an exrtemely high tarriff on oil produced by hostile nations. To immediately help reduce the cost of gasoline, suspend the federal gas tax until the prices come down due to supply and demand evenning out.

Isn't your health care just mandatory health insurance?

Nobody is forced to buy insurance, however that option is always available to them. If say there was a serious accident, and the hurt individual didn't have health care because they've been paying taxes they could buy it after the fact and still be covered. This insurance wouldn't be so great that it would drive all the private insurance companies out of business. But it would be good enough to keep people from going broke should they require medical care. This program would replace medicare and medicad. 5% of the collected tax money will go to fund this. I don't think people will overly use and abuse the system. Let's face it nobody likes going to the doctor, but this health care program would help catch minor problems before they become major ones.

Will 15% be enough?

Currently about 48% of Americans pay $0 in taxes. If we eliminate loop holes and deductions, then if a take a little from a lot, it will end up being more then if we take a lot from little. If you want to think about it the actual tax the government will collect from individuals is 10%. The other 5% will be for a forced individual retirement fund. This will eventually replace social security. The money in these accounts will grow on a tax free basis, and when withdrawn will also be tax free. Because these are individual accounts they are inheritable, if the individual passes away before all of the money is used.

Land Mines and Razor Wire is a bit extreme

Why land mines and razor wire? They are relatively inexpensive, and along with signage, will deter many of the drug mules from coming across. They are always on duty, do not need breaks or rest, they will be an ever vigilant force protecting our country.