About Me

My name is Andrew Hastings I was born in Texas into a military family. I am a Seinor Engineer (aka computer programmer). I'm in a wheelchair, not due to a heroic act on my part. I was riding my bike at night and I had one of those flashing locator lights on, which caused an epileptic driver to have a seizure, and she crashed into me. No, that's not what happened but it would make a good tale. It's something more mundane. My genome has turned against me. I have a genetic disease.

I am sarcastic, honest and like Joe Isuzu, "You can trust me." Trust is everything, if you don't trust your leaders to do the right thing, which is follow the will of the governed it's time to change leadership.

I don't panic during a crisis. I keep calm and am able to think through the available options and choose the best one.