End the Transportation Safety Administration

Severely cut back the TSA and focus on behavior detection officers (BDO), explosive detection technology, and canine teams . The TSA, for the most part, is ineffectual. Few legitimate threats have been discovered by the TSA. This nonsense of the TSA patting people down or violating a person's privacy with full body scans accomplishes nothing. TSA tactics violate our 4th amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure. The vast majority of items the TSA has confiscated have been scissors, pocket knives, and Zippo lighters. They might catch an occasional handgun, but that would be from somebody, with a carry permit, who forgot it was in their bag. This form of contraband would be detected by x-ray machines or metal detectors every airport already has.

Racial and cultural profiling, in conjunction with behavioral profiling, is not only necessary, but justified, when a threat arises mainly from a particular group. Stopping everyday citizens, the elderly, and small children, does not make anybody safer. Use enhanced screening methods on international flights and only pull out people acting suspicious. For the time being, end all flights to and from the Middle East, in and out of the U.S. Refuse to let in anybody with a middle eastern passport.

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