Health Care

Americans want affordable, quality health care, for which everybody has access. The only requirements would be a $40 co-pay per specialist doctor visit (see below) and a premium payment, if more than one specialist visit is required per year.

Setup "Band-Aid" clinics where people can go to get free basic health-care or extremely discounted, at most a $5 co-pay. To use these facilities, people would need to sign a waiver of liability. Which would release the doctors from malpractice suits except for cases of egregious incompetence. Such as if the patient has an existing illness, and the doctor doesn't take the time to study the condition before entering into a course of treatment, which leaves the patient worse off than before. The lawsuits would be looked at, on a case by case basis, by a board of 3 doctors, 3 non-doctors and 1 Judge (retired), to determine if the case has enough merit to go forward, sort of like a grand jury.

The amount of your co-pay would be reduced, if you see a government specialist doctor. The government would pay for medical school and give the doctor the option of indentured servitude, making cash payments or a combination to repay the loan. The term of service would be dependent on the amount borrowed and the marks (grades) they received. These doctors, that work for the government, would receive an annual salary. The doctors compensation will not be based on the number of procedures completed or number of patients seen in a day. This will control the amount doctors charge, this along with government owned (price controlled) facilities, would introduce a free market system back to the medical field. Have an agreement with the government doctors and facilities, whereby they will not charge an excess fee, so as to get reimbursed by insurance companies the amount it actually costs them. In this agreement the insurance companies would pay for the entire amount of the claim.
This system would still allow doctors, who wanted to specialize, specialize. It would not punish them for doing well, instead it would allow them to be better. Staff the "Band-Aid" clinics with doctors working off their servitude.

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