Securing the Southern Border & Immigration

Two words "Land Mines". Place a 50 foot span of land mines, sandwiched by razor wire, all along the southern border. There has been a long history of building structures to keep invaders at bay, the best example is the Great Wall in China. This barricade is not like the wall that separated East and West Berlin. Our "wall" is not intended to keep Americans in, but to halt the flow of illegal narcotics and terrorists into this country.

Revise the immigration policy to allow for guest workers. Guest workers would be allowed to stay in the United States for a limited time and then return to their country of origin. Seasonal permits would allow for one season of work, followed by a mandatory egress from the United States. Guest workers may not bring their families and they must have a job lined up, they cannot come across on a guest worker permit for day labor jobs.

To get a guest worker permit, the person would need to be finger printed, a DNA sample taken, and they would need to be checked for warrants. This information, along with the name of their employer and their vital statistics, would be saved in a smartcard.

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