Non-essential government spending and foreign aid should be stopped. If a spending item doesn't give the United States a strategic advantage, the spending item must be eliminated. Government agencies and programs that are not productive, no longer effective, or have outlived their usefulness will be cut. Ear marks and riders circumvent Executive Branch merit-based or competitive allocation processes, and therefore must be eliminated. If a proposal doesn't stand a chance of passing on its own merits, then it has no business being placed on a bill that will pass. We need to pay solely and only for essential services first, then the remaining monies shall be allocated to paying off the debt.

Highest interest rate loans must be paid off first and lower interest rates must be negotiated on our existing loans. Stop the nonsense of making unrealistic claims of savings and cuts, even in the face of the Congressional Budget Office's reports to the contrary. Such claims are "hopeful thinking". As President, I will not continue down the same economic path previous administrations laid out.

Make social security optional and increase the age at which one can start collecting social security to 70. If a person opts out of social security, they will still be taxed the five percent social security tax, but this money will instead go into a personal savings account, which they or their representative can manage. Just as with social security, the investment cannot be withdrawn until age 70, but can be inherited, if the saver passes away prior to age of collection. However, about two-thirds (2/3) of the money in the account must be in very low risk investments. To make it impossible for Congress to get ahold of this money, the savings accounts will be setup in privately held institutions. Every census, update the age to start social security so that the life expectancy on social security is about five years.

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