Energy Revisited

While building a national, compressed natural gas distribution network is a long term goal. A short term solution to the country's energy/gasoline consumption crisis is to produce more E85. Using switchgrass, a non-human consumable plant, to make Ethanol (cellulose ethanol), America can cut down on its obsession with oil.


I would like to say yes but at this point I would have to say no. I worked at an etnahol pilot plant and anyone in the industry can tell you to break down starch in the corn you need what they call a jet cooker. This uses high pressure steam at appx 400-600F. There is no way in hell solar panels could heat water to this temperature effeciently and consistently. Plus a lot of etnahol plants run 24 hours a day and that right there pretty much shoots that plan in the ass. A good thought though. Ethanol will become more effecient once the enzyme industry catches up and can CHEAPLY use switchgrass as a fuel source.References : Years of experience

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