To Spur Technological Growth

Offer up a contest with a monetary prize for the winner. These contests would be for innovations in technology, such as: automatically driven vehicles, and new methods of producing ethanol cheaply and efficiently. A la the X Prize for a reusable space vehicle. Doing so would allow for technical innovations without the outlay of massive government contracts. By opening up the contests to all Americans anybody would be able to enter, the best idea could win.
not just the idea submitted by the largest political donor.

Energy Revisited

While building a national, compressed natural gas distribution network is a long term goal. A short term solution to the country's energy/gasoline consumption crisis is to produce more E85. Using switchgrass, a non-human consumable plant, to make Ethanol (cellulose ethanol), America can cut down on its obsession with oil.

More on Personal Saving Account

This account would also double as a 401K, for companies that offer 401K matching, they could match the 5% of tax money that is already being taken. Or, however much their matching allows. If they offer additional matching beyond the 5% the individual could increase their percentage beyond the 5% already put in by tax.For those of you who feel that 15% tax is unfair to those that are poor. The Government would match a percentage of this 5% for those earning $50,000 a year or less.

More on Health Care

Three levels of health care services should be available. One: the free band-aid clinics where one can go to get anti-biotics for an ear ache, etc. Two: Minimal fee based clinics, between $5 and $20, where one can go to have any tests completed, or have a broken bone mended. Three: Hospitals, to be used for surgeries, and specialists. Use of the services would require health insurance, and a co-pay. Because 5% off the personal income tax goes toward this health care one would just need to pay a premium to get catastrophic coverage. Of the three levels number three will offer the services of two, and one. Number two would offer the services of number one.

Social Security and Unemployment Reform

By making personal saving accounts to be funded by 5% of the income tax,we will create a stronger system, one which will encourage saving and not be dependent on ever more people paying into the system. By having personal savings accounts, which would grow tax free, and be inheritable we as a nation would be able to build wealth. By having the accounts be accessible for unemployment, people would be more apt to find a job quicker as the money they would be getting for unemployment would be their own. Any money taken out of the personal savings account, before retirement, or disability, would be taxed at 10% as 5% of the 15% goes toward funding this account.

School Reform

The way to fix the school system would be to make it easier to start Charter Schools. Have all the teachers contracts be as hired "at will". That way we could easily eliminate (fire) under-performing teachers. A school where students can choose to go, rather then are forced to go. If students can choose which school to go to, we would have competition. Competition = better schools. Look at Colleges.


I am pro-choice, it doesn't mean I am pro-abortion. I believe that every American has the right to choose to do whatever they want. as long as it doesn't impinge on another persons right to choose. For example, "Click it or ticket" laws should be abolished. They may be revenue enhancers but they take away our right to choose whether or not to wear a seat belt. Of course it's a good idea, but it shouldn't be mandatory, it should be a choice. I|t is a slippery slope to let our choices be taken away, soon the government will be telling us what we can eat or drink... Oh wait that has already happened in San Francisco.


Increase the ability for more advanced students to progress through school faster. Students who get suspended shouldn't be given a mini-vacation. They should have to help clean and fix up their school after hours. This would accomplish three things: work would teach them respect for others' property, work ethic, and true self-esteem. High School Juniors and Seniors should be allowed to take an internship or apprenticeship to begin learning a trade, or gain experience towards a profession. Schools need to teach financial responsibility starting at an early age, including how to save money and spend wisely (President Obama would have benefited greatly from this).


Non-essential government spending and foreign aid should be stopped. If a spending item doesn't give the United States a strategic advantage, the spending item must be eliminated. Government agencies and programs that are not productive, no longer effective, or have outlived their usefulness will be cut. Ear marks and riders circumvent Executive Branch merit-based or competitive allocation processes, and therefore must be eliminated. If a proposal doesn't stand a chance of passing on its own merits, then it has no business being placed on a bill that will pass. We need to pay solely and only for essential services first, then the remaining monies shall be allocated to paying off the debt.

Highest interest rate loans must be paid off first and lower interest rates must be negotiated on our existing loans. Stop the nonsense of making unrealistic claims of savings and cuts, even in the face of the Congressional Budget Office's reports to the contrary. Such claims are "hopeful thinking". As President, I will not continue down the same economic path previous administrations laid out.

Make social security optional and increase the age at which one can start collecting social security to 70. If a person opts out of social security, they will still be taxed the five percent social security tax, but this money will instead go into a personal savings account, which they or their representative can manage. Just as with social security, the investment cannot be withdrawn until age 70, but can be inherited, if the saver passes away prior to age of collection. However, about two-thirds (2/3) of the money in the account must be in very low risk investments. To make it impossible for Congress to get ahold of this money, the savings accounts will be setup in privately held institutions. Every census, update the age to start social security so that the life expectancy on social security is about five years.

Ground-zero Mosque

If the Ground Zero mosque is built, use the government's eminent domain power to remove this building from play, as a mosque, and turn it into a Ground Zero museum. We shall not allow any group or government, to "count coo," or give the implication of any such victory, on or near a site of such great loss. We must, as a nation and people, have compassion for the surviving families.

End the Transportation Safety Administration

Severely cut back the TSA and focus on behavior detection officers (BDO), explosive detection technology, and canine teams . The TSA, for the most part, is ineffectual. Few legitimate threats have been discovered by the TSA. This nonsense of the TSA patting people down or violating a person's privacy with full body scans accomplishes nothing. TSA tactics violate our 4th amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure. The vast majority of items the TSA has confiscated have been scissors, pocket knives, and Zippo lighters. They might catch an occasional handgun, but that would be from somebody, with a carry permit, who forgot it was in their bag. This form of contraband would be detected by x-ray machines or metal detectors every airport already has.

Racial and cultural profiling, in conjunction with behavioral profiling, is not only necessary, but justified, when a threat arises mainly from a particular group. Stopping everyday citizens, the elderly, and small children, does not make anybody safer. Use enhanced screening methods on international flights and only pull out people acting suspicious. For the time being, end all flights to and from the Middle East, in and out of the U.S. Refuse to let in anybody with a middle eastern passport.


We must open up all of our land to oil and natural gas exploration and allow drilling in known oil and natural gas fields, but enforce strict inspections to prevent another Gulf oil spill. Any oil obtained from U.S. soil must remain in the United States. Only after the needs of the U.S. are met may oil produced in the United States be sold on the foreign market. We need a network of fueling stations to sell Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Independent auditing firms should monitor cost/price ratios for the oil and natural gas companies, each fiscal quarter, to prevent price gouging.

Alternative energy power generation facilities must be developed. They should conform to the topography of the land: wind turbines in the plain states, wave turbines on the coasts, and solar in the southwest.

Securing the Southern Border & Immigration

Two words "Land Mines". Place a 50 foot span of land mines, sandwiched by razor wire, all along the southern border. There has been a long history of building structures to keep invaders at bay, the best example is the Great Wall in China. This barricade is not like the wall that separated East and West Berlin. Our "wall" is not intended to keep Americans in, but to halt the flow of illegal narcotics and terrorists into this country.

Revise the immigration policy to allow for guest workers. Guest workers would be allowed to stay in the United States for a limited time and then return to their country of origin. Seasonal permits would allow for one season of work, followed by a mandatory egress from the United States. Guest workers may not bring their families and they must have a job lined up, they cannot come across on a guest worker permit for day labor jobs.

To get a guest worker permit, the person would need to be finger printed, a DNA sample taken, and they would need to be checked for warrants. This information, along with the name of their employer and their vital statistics, would be saved in a smartcard.

Health Care

Americans want affordable, quality health care, for which everybody has access. The only requirements would be a $40 co-pay per specialist doctor visit (see below) and a premium payment, if more than one specialist visit is required per year.

Setup "Band-Aid" clinics where people can go to get free basic health-care or extremely discounted, at most a $5 co-pay. To use these facilities, people would need to sign a waiver of liability. Which would release the doctors from malpractice suits except for cases of egregious incompetence. Such as if the patient has an existing illness, and the doctor doesn't take the time to study the condition before entering into a course of treatment, which leaves the patient worse off than before. The lawsuits would be looked at, on a case by case basis, by a board of 3 doctors, 3 non-doctors and 1 Judge (retired), to determine if the case has enough merit to go forward, sort of like a grand jury.

The amount of your co-pay would be reduced, if you see a government specialist doctor. The government would pay for medical school and give the doctor the option of indentured servitude, making cash payments or a combination to repay the loan. The term of service would be dependent on the amount borrowed and the marks (grades) they received. These doctors, that work for the government, would receive an annual salary. The doctors compensation will not be based on the number of procedures completed or number of patients seen in a day. This will control the amount doctors charge, this along with government owned (price controlled) facilities, would introduce a free market system back to the medical field. Have an agreement with the government doctors and facilities, whereby they will not charge an excess fee, so as to get reimbursed by insurance companies the amount it actually costs them. In this agreement the insurance companies would pay for the entire amount of the claim.
This system would still allow doctors, who wanted to specialize, specialize. It would not punish them for doing well, instead it would allow them to be better. Staff the "Band-Aid" clinics with doctors working off their servitude.